Annual Maintenance For Your Furnace

by Dec 24, 2019Heating, Maintenance, Winter HVAC

What’s the Best Time For Regular Maintenance?

The only true requirement for regular maintenance of your HVAC system (including your furnace) is “keep it REGULAR”! Putting off maintenance can cause your system to work too hard, raise utility costs and bring on unnecessary repairs. 

Our Suggested DIY Maintenance Checklist:

  • Keeps the area around your outdoor HVAC equipment free from obstructions like tall grass, leaves and other debris
  • During your outdoor strolls keep an eye out for obvious damage to your equipment
  • REPLACE AIR FILTERS at least every 3 months (dependent on dust and dirt levels)
  • Never over-work your system by setting your thermostat too high or too low
  • Purchase a programmable thermostat (many utility companies even offer rebates)

Our Professional Maintenance Schedule:

  • Fall/Winter heating system maintenance
  • Spring/Summer cooling system maintenance

Each year, you should have a professional inspect, service and provide maintenance for both your heating and cooling system. Give us a call to schedule your annual heating or cooling system maintenance. Apache wants to be your choice for HVAC repair, installation AND maintenance in Tulsa and surrounding cities.